Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Original Christmas Carol

Christmas Past

In the beginning was God. Gen 1:1 says the earth was empty and God gave it life. This was the first gift. God breathe His soul into His creation. Thus the earth was full of God’s character. The Old Testament is an account of how man used and misused this special gift. This was the Christmas past

Christmas Present

The birth of Christ represents God’s second gift. He gave the earth and mankind, His Son Jesus so man could understand God’s character. When Simeon saw the Christ child, he recognized the second gift God provided mankind. He praised God and offered a blessing to Joseph and Mary. (Luke 2:22-35)

During His three years of public ministry, Jesus showed the world the greatest gift possible; the gift of life. John 10:10. This is Christmas Present.

Christmas Future

The Holy Spirit gave John a look into the future (Revelation 21). John describes the final gift from God – A new heaven and a new earth for the old has passed away – A New Jerusalem full of God’s character. God now dwells with his people and they dwell with Him. This is the Christmas Future.

The Christmas story is now complete.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America

Today is July 4th, the official birthday of the United States. I thought I would reflect on that a bit. We live in a world that is basically separated be good and evil. Those who are in the "evil" camp believe they are the good guys because the believe in fighting for their causes. Those are in the "good" camp are willing to fight to defend their cause.

On June 7, 1776 Richard Henry Lee (1732-1794), VA, presented Congress a resolution urging Congress to declare independence. On June 11, 1776 Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), John Adams (1735-1826), Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), Roger Sherman (1721-1793), and Robert R. Livingston (1746-1813) were appointed to a committee to draft a declaration of independence. From June 12 through June 27th, Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence at the request of the committee. On June 28, 1776, the draft was read in Congress. Between July 1 and July 4th, this document was debated, revised and adopted by Congress. For more information, go to Declaration of Independence.

This one document set in motion the birth of this great nation. The freedom that is eloquently expressed in this document is equally to none other. It is for this freedom that Americans are willing to give their life. As you celebrate this 4th of July holiday, please take time to reflect on the significance of this day. For many it is just a day off. How sad.

Do you proudly fly the American Flag in front of your home? If not, you should. If you do, retire the old tattered flag and put up a new one today. Do you thank military people when you see them? If not you should, they are fighting for the freedom you enjoy.

So as you enjoy the day off spending time with family and friends, take a moment to say Happy Birthday, America. And most importantly, thank God for this country and the freedom it represents.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father’s Day and the Master Gardner

Today is Father’s Day; a day we traditionally honor the many Dads across the land. As I enjoyed my morning coffee out on the deck, I notice the roses needed dead-heading, so I set down the coffee cup and picked up my pruning shears. Dead-heading is the process of cutting off the rose flowers that have past their prime. This makes the plant look better and promotes new growth. As continued working through the roses, God spoke to me and said, “Just as you area working your garden, I must also work mine.” Not being the brightest bulb in the world, I asked. “What do you mean?” God said, “What do you do in your garden?” “I plant new plants after preparing the soil, keep the garden free from weeds and rid the plants from parasites and disease, nurture the plants by watering and feeding, prune and dead-head as needed.” Then I understood. I simple replied, “Thank you for caring enough to include me in your garden.”

Today I reflected on my Dad, the person who taught me about friendship, the person who taught me to look past the color of another person’s skin, the person who taught me about compassion and doing the right thing. How thankful I am that my Dad cared enough to teach me these things.

I also reflected on my children. Since they are adults now, I see them with a different perspective than a parent see younger children. They turned out pretty good, I think. I am not sure how much of that is due to anything I did or did not do. I hope I passed on to them the wisdom my Dad instilled in me.

A few weeks ago, I had the blessed opportunity to spend a week with my youngest daughter and her family in Dallas. Laura asked for my help in replacing a fence around their home. This meant working hard and playing with Gage, my Grandson. He is an eager learner. As I look at the photos, I have a clearer picture of how God works His garden.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Well, it is now official. Carol has joined me in the world of geezers. I know, geezers are guys. That is why she proudly claims the title of Geezerette. (If you can purchase Geezerette gear, then Geezerettes are legitimate.) Here she is enjoying the beautiful red/pink roses her DH surprised her with at breakfast with the ladies. You see for some time she has had a Saturday morning breakfast with a couple of dear friends. I decided to join them so it is me and the ladies or the three ladies and me. Saturday I planned to surprise her by having our waitress Carla bring out the roses. I only wish I could have seen Carols face when she saw the vase. Since I was sitting next to her that was not possible. Well of course she shed a few tears as did her two lady friends.

Here is a close-up of one of the roses. We have great places in Corpus Christi to purchase roses. I found these in the most unlikely place - our grocery store. They don't look like grocery store flowers do they? I did not think so either. Now I have several rose bushes in our backyard but none like this. I did by DW a new rose bush called Fragrant Plum. I hope it does as well as the other roses in our garden.

Today after church we went to the ball game. Here is DW at the entrance to the park. Whataburger Field is home to the Corpus Christi Hooks. This team is a Houston Astro's Double A franchise that Nolan Ryan brought to Corpus Christi. This year they are hot and have one 4-0 record. In the photos below, Carol is in front of the stadium, then we are at the mezzanine level looking down to row 6, finally Carol is waving at me while I am standing at field level.

Pretty good seats, if you ask me. Driscoll Children's Hospital is a corporate sponsor and on occasion, makes tickets available to employees.

In the next set, Carol is posing with Rusty, the team mascot. He is a hoot and likes to make the fans enjoy the game. In the middle is the meeting of the coaches at home plate, then the last photo is of our lead off batter in the first inning.
Did I mention the Hooks won the game today 6-1? What a great way to celebrate a birthday.

Whataburger Field is adjacent to the Port of Corpus Christi so every now and then you get to watch ships coming into port or leaving port. In the last photo set, the ship Charleston is coming into port. I got a shot of the ship's bow, then the stern as it was passing the field. A few minutes later, another ship was headed out of the port. Corpus Christi is a great place to live.

At the end of the day, we were both tired and Carols parting comments were, "Thank you, DH, for a wonderful birthday." I think I done good.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Parable Of The Oak That Drew Sustenance From The Elements

"Here I am," said a man, "getting along past the meridian of life, and have nothing to show for my efforts.
"All these years I have striven to give a true account of myself before God and my fellow man, and have failed. Having had the best preparation in college and professional school that money will buy, and having had ample opportunity to show my ability in at least three different lines of work, here I am left stranded high and dry, like a miserable piece of flotsam on life's wide sea. There seems to be no work for which I am adapted."
"Sit on the bench beside me," said his friend, "and look at this giant oak before us. See how it drinks through its leaves the same air that the little plum drinks in yonder. It draws nourishment through its roots from the same soil. The same rain blesses them with its showers, and the same sun shines its benediction down upon them both. From all these elements in nature the oak draws suste­nance, just as does the plum. And yet the oak does not become a plum, nor the plum an oak. Each is governed by the inner law of its own being, which takes from each element exactly that which its own peculiar nature and genus demand, and rejects that which it cannot use. Look carefully, friend, at the oak. It is especially like unto you, for it, too, is late in arriving.
"You cannot, by taking thought, add one inch to your stature. But you can by being true to the law of your own being--even as the tree gives itself to the air and the sunshine in perfect trust to the great Father who governs all things, both the lilies and you-draw unto yourself exactly the opportunities, the environment, the friends that you need, and your success will be measured only by the dreams and desires which are rooted within your own integrated, unified self."
And the friend walked away, but the man still sat there and stared at the oak, until it became no longer a fancy or a dream but a living fact that the law which governed the oak also gov­ erned him, and that which was his could not ever escape him, and that which was not his could never really belong to him.
And days went on and a great quietness came into his soul. He could not understand it, because always before he had been unrestful at heart. Neither could his wife understand it, nor his friends. And then one day a man came to him with a wonderful offer which became the door to a career of true usefulness and happiness. And how and why it came he knew not, neither did his friends, nor did he ever meet anyone who could tell him. But as he passed the oak tree one day, he suddenly knew why it had come to him. For he knew that within the oak there was a power which was continually creating that which its inner nature craved from the silent elements without. And great calmness henceforth stayed with that man, a calmness that to others seemed colossal when those about him seemed lost in inconsequential things.

Now let your roots sink deep and take in the nourshiment God has for you. Psalm 1.
Clark, Glen, “I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes”, Harper & Row Publishing, NY, 1937, p173-174.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hallelujah! He is Risen

Everything a Christian believes and lives for has it’s foundation on today. For if it were not for Easter, Christianity would be just another cult. Let us rejoice in today and see how Jesus revealed the truth of the resurrection.

  1. The Women at The Tomb (Mat 28:1-8, Mark 16:1-8, Luke 24:1-12, John 20.1-13)
    This is the only event that is recorded in the four Gospels. In the accounts from Matthew, Mark and Luke, the women encounter an angel (Mat 28:5-7, Mark 16:5-7, Luke 24:4-6). There is no record of any angel appearing before the disciples. Why did the angel/angels appear before the women and not the disciples?

  2. The Two on the Way to Emmaus (Luke 16:13-35)
    These two travelers were apparently headed back home after a bizarre Passover celebration. Their leader Jesus of Nazareth had been arrested and executed. As they walked in disbelief, they encountered a stranger who opened their eyes.

  3. The Disciples in a locked room (Mark 16:14-18, Luke 24:36-43, John 20:19-23)
    The disciples were hiding in a locked room; they feared their very own lives; would they be next? Did they not learn anything in the three years they lived with Jesus?

  4. Thomas called Didymus (John 20:24-29)
    Jesus had a special encounter with Thomas for he just could not believe what the others have already accepted as fact. Jesus indeed had risen just as he said he would.

  5. The Disciples on a Mountain (Mat 28:16-20)
    This passage is better known as the “Great Commission” and is often cited during baptismal celebrations. While this is appropriate, I believe this passage is a command directing Christians to live as Jesus did. The book of Matthew outlines the five principles of Kingdom living.

  6. The Disciples by the Sea (John 21:1-14)
    Jesus called Peter and his brother Andrew to be a disciple. After a disgusting day of fishing, Jesus showed them how they would be real fishermen. In this closing passage, Peter, Thomas called Didymus, Nathanael, the sons of Zebedee (James and John) and two other un-named disciples went fishing. After a great catch resembling the first great catch (Mat 4:18-21), Jesus forgives Peter and restores him by commissioning him to “feed my Sheep”.

  7. Jesus appears to you.
    What is your story of your encounter with Jesus?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Laura & Gage

Well I told you March was birthday month in the Pearson family. Today is my youngest daughter Laura's birthday.

We are in Dallas celebrating her birthday and my grandson Gage's birthday. His birthday was March 11th.

So the day started with a birthday breakfast of Green Eggs and Ham with a side of Dr. Who Pancakes. You think I am kidding? Here it is.

Now I realize you have to like spinach in your eggs and this may not be you. For our family, Laura, Gage and I enjoyed this and may even make this a tradition. Even Todd, my son-in-law joined in the fun by adding spinach to his Mushroom and Cheese Omelet.
Then top the day off, we had a real cool birthday celebration for my grandson Gage. Laura, the mom, planned a Dinosaur themed party. Dino-Dina showed up. Keep looking and you will see her.

She was a super entertainer who kept the kids engaged and practically wore them out. The Mom's and Dad's here also laughed and appreciated the way she got the kids going. Here she is with the Dino gang. If you are interested in contacting her for your party, please visit Dina Franco's website at

Just before Gage faded into Dinoland, he said "So long everybody, we'll see you again next year!"

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


March is an exciting month in our family. Not only are my Bluebonnets opening their eyes, March is the Big Birthday month in our family. This is the month that most of us have birthdays. I start the list off with my March 1st Birthday. Next is my oldest daughter Michele on March 10th. My first grandson Gage Pearson Howard is next on March 11th. My older brother Jacquy celebrates today March 12th. Next comes my youngest daughter Laura on March 16th. Following that is my look-a-like brother-in-law Tom on March 18th. Not to be outdone, my dog Cody was also born in March. You may notice my wife is missing. She is really close to March with a birthday on April 6th. So March comes in like a roaring lion. We usher in spring a bit early and enjoy our family celebrations.
To all of you with birthdays some day, I say have a happy birthday.
God is Good - Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Six Decades

Yep! That is what I are now. Carol and I enjoyed the day by going to Rockport/Fulton.

We stopped to look at RV's. No we did not buy anything but we did find a couple of floor plans we like. All of the looking made us hungry. So it was off for a late lunch or early supper, better known as lupper.

I heard about this place from somewhere and decide that this is would be cool place to visit. Now I can assure you the building is nothing to look at but then who goes to eat to look at the building? Let's Eat! Ya gotta start wit dem oysters! Ooh boy, dat good.

Then they bring out the "pot" and pour it on the table. Now the pot contains Shrimp, Blue Crab, Cajun Sausage, New Potatoes, and Corn on the Cob. As Rachel Ray would say,"YUMMO"! Notice they even give you high tech tools.

After DW and I chowed down, this is all that is left. We had a great time and enjoy the outing.

My DW and I are no longer hungry. We done et.

No birthday is done until the candles are lit, and the cake is served. I am glad DW did appropriate candles. Can you imagine 60 flaming candles on the cake?Thanks to DW, the celebration ended appropriately.

Another day, another birthday. I am thankful.

Enjoy the day - God is Great!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Future

I have a great staff. Lisa is a 30 something who works for me and understand my desire to retire and take up fulltime RVing. She and her daughter are going on a mission trip March 6/7 and sent me this link to the RV Park she and her daughter will be staying with their church group. Here is the link to RV Park -

She emailed me a picture to hang in my office so I can keep the dream alive. I could not resist passing it on by posting it here. This is "doctored" photo of the camp host.

Enjoy the day - God is Great!