Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Laura & Gage

Well I told you March was birthday month in the Pearson family. Today is my youngest daughter Laura's birthday.

We are in Dallas celebrating her birthday and my grandson Gage's birthday. His birthday was March 11th.

So the day started with a birthday breakfast of Green Eggs and Ham with a side of Dr. Who Pancakes. You think I am kidding? Here it is.

Now I realize you have to like spinach in your eggs and this may not be you. For our family, Laura, Gage and I enjoyed this and may even make this a tradition. Even Todd, my son-in-law joined in the fun by adding spinach to his Mushroom and Cheese Omelet.
Then top the day off, we had a real cool birthday celebration for my grandson Gage. Laura, the mom, planned a Dinosaur themed party. Dino-Dina showed up. Keep looking and you will see her.

She was a super entertainer who kept the kids engaged and practically wore them out. The Mom's and Dad's here also laughed and appreciated the way she got the kids going. Here she is with the Dino gang. If you are interested in contacting her for your party, please visit Dina Franco's website at

Just before Gage faded into Dinoland, he said "So long everybody, we'll see you again next year!"

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