Wednesday, March 12, 2008


March is an exciting month in our family. Not only are my Bluebonnets opening their eyes, March is the Big Birthday month in our family. This is the month that most of us have birthdays. I start the list off with my March 1st Birthday. Next is my oldest daughter Michele on March 10th. My first grandson Gage Pearson Howard is next on March 11th. My older brother Jacquy celebrates today March 12th. Next comes my youngest daughter Laura on March 16th. Following that is my look-a-like brother-in-law Tom on March 18th. Not to be outdone, my dog Cody was also born in March. You may notice my wife is missing. She is really close to March with a birthday on April 6th. So March comes in like a roaring lion. We usher in spring a bit early and enjoy our family celebrations.
To all of you with birthdays some day, I say have a happy birthday.
God is Good - Have a wonderful day.

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